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Welcome to the Sightsee Studios Web site. Featured here are the graphic design and photographic work of Paul Romejko. Though I been designing for the web for a while, this is also an attempt to completely design and code by hand a website. I learned web design a while ago, but it’s very much like a spoken language in that if you don't use it, you lose it. Thanks to and for providing the courses to both refresh my knowledge and add to it, especially in the subject of Javascript and jQuery.

The links should be self-explanatory but here is a brief preview of what you’ll see. Photo and Graphics feature portfolios of work I’’ve created in those two areas. Resume includes a listing of skills, academic degrees and academic and professional experience. Bio and Miscellaneous includes a narrative about my career as well as some snippets of information about my professional and personal life. Exhibitions and Publications has a listing of achievements in those areas. Inspiration contains quotes I’'ve come across that inspire and motivate me. You can communicate with me via the information under the Contact  link.