Design Work: Agency, Independent & Freelance

The final RLB Marketing logo with the visual branding applied to a business card design. Between this version and the previous design, it was decided to make the word "marketing" smaller so that the general shape of the logo would be more uniformly rectangular.

The final From Think to Ink logo and two business cards I designed with the logo. This business was made up of my brother and me. He was the Chief Executive Inker. I was the Chief Executive Thinker (designer/problem solver), hence the name of the business: From Think to Ink.

Later sketches. These show an effort to resolve the color scheme.

Mid-stage sketches. These show experimenting with how to represent the happy, bouncing halftone dot.

Early sketches. These mainly have to do with determining a type style. This and the other two pages show only a small number of the sketches necessary to produce a final logo.

Concept for a two-page spread Coumadin ad.

Single page Coumadin ad concept.

Two concepts for Coumadin sample packages.

Presidents Day, serigraph.

Albrecht Dürer Alphabet Illustration, serigraph.