Wellness Institute and Health Learning Center Graphics

Mind-Body Services and Health Promotion brochures for the Wellness Institute. For these two brochures, I chose speckled paper and subtle earth-tone inks to connote a more natural and holistic approach.

From top to bottom, a brochure featuring information about the Wellness Institute's travel immunization program, a Health Learning Center promotional brochure and a brochure providing information about the Wellness Institute's smoking cessation offerings. Again, these brochures feature less subtle and bolder graphics that connote an active, preventative stance.

Two updated brochures for the Health Learning Center (HLC). The brochure on the left featured general infomation about the HLC. The brochure on the right promoted women's health classes offered though the HLC.

A Wellness Institute patient folder, used to hold printed information relating to a patient's specific needs.

A table-top promotional board with tear-off cards providing information about the Health Learning Center.

Refrigerator magnets used to promote services (the graphics were printed on a magnetic material and perforated, ready to be broken apart). This piece demonstrates the HLC's branding. A slightly subdued, primary-like color palette was employed to suggest education and learning. It was meant to be bold and stand out due to it's bold mission of empowering patients with the knowledge and resources to take responsibility for their health and gain greater confidence in their healthcare decisions.