A sightseer journeys to foreign lands and returns with pictures of new and interesting places. If life is a trip and the path is the goal, a photographer looks at the path while moving on it and records moments of experience with photography, literally meaning in Latin “light writing.” For what purpose? To show evidence of beauty in the world? As proof of our presence on this planet, like fans in the audience at a concert buy t-shirts to prove they were there? To show injustice, striving and redemption? To shock our sensibilities with horror or brutality with the hope of motivating action?

A photograph is a film still from the movie of life. Photographs lack complete objectivity since the simplest requisite decisions, like what to include in the frame and what to leave out, is subjective and requires a judgment by the photographer.

Capturing moments requires being in the moment. As simple as that may seem, being in communion with moments often is one of the most difficult things to achieve in photography and in life.